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Expediting Social Security Benefit Payments

Individuals can receive expedited processing of their Social Security disability claims if they meet certain criteria set forth by the Social Security Administration (SSA). There are currently five categories of claims that receive priority processing from the SSA. Critical Claims Categories The following claims categories are considered critical claims under the Social Security Disability Program. […]

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Keeping Jr. Safe from Sports Injuries

According to the Centers for Disease Control, nearly 2.6 million children under the age of 19 are treated for sports related injuries each year. Sports injuries are the leading cause of musculoskeletal injuries and the leading cause of visits to primary care physicians. August is back to school month in Tennessee and parents and coaches […]

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Booster Seats Prevent Tragedies

Booster seats can save lives when properly used. These devices elevate children to the proper height of seat belts so that if they are in an accident, they will be better protected by the seat belt. Booster seats lift the child to the height necessary where the vehicle’s lap and shoulder belts restrain him or […]

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Qualifying for Social Security Disability

In order to receive social security disability benefits, individuals must meet certain criteria that include having a qualifying disabling condition. However, even if an individual’s specific medical condition is not listed, there are possibilities for them to seek social security disability compensation. Qualifying Conditions As of 2017, the following are conditions which are listed in […]

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Appealing A Denied Social Security Claim

The first step to appealing a denied Social Security disability claim is to submit a request that your application be reconsidered. The reconsideration request needs to be submitted within 60 days of the original denial. Additional evidence of the claimant’s disability can be added to the application at this time for further review and consideration […]