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How Do Veteran’s Benefits Affect SSDI?

It is possible for disabled veterans in Tennessee to receive disability benefits from the Veterans Administration simultaneously with Social Security Disability benefits from the Social Security Administration. Because SSDI is not based on need, receiving VA payments will not impact eligibility for disability benefits through the SSA. People who are rated as 100 percent permanently […]

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Can People Receive SSDI and Workers Comp Benefits at the Same Time?

When Tennesseans are left with permanent and total disabilities from their jobs, they may be able to receive both workers’ compensation and Social Security disability benefits at the same time. The Social Security Administration may make adjustments to the amounts that they receive from Social Security, however. In general, the total that people can receive […]

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What SSDI Claimants Need to Know About Consultative Exams

Tennesseans who apply for disability benefits from the Social Security Administration may be asked to submit to consultative exams, making it important for them to understand what to expect. The Social Security Administration asks applicants to submit to consultative exams when they do not have enough medical documentation of their disabling conditions. Consultative exams are […]

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Social Security Disability Lawyer Gives Tips to Prepare for Your SSDI Interview

After people in Tennessee apply for Social Security disability benefits, following a few simple tips to prepare for the SSDI interview can improve the chances of achieving a successful claim. They should be ready to answer a number of questions about their disabling condition, when it began, their work history, current limitations, and others. Claimants […]

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SSDI: Keeping Families Afloat Financially

Certain family members of disabled Tennessee workers may be eligible to receive auxiliary benefits based on the workers’ SSDI record and these additional benefits allow families to stay afloat financially. Payments received by disabled workers are never reduced when family members claim dependents’ benefits, but auxiliary payments are typically counted toward the maximum family benefit. […]

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Is Expanding Private Disability Insurance a Fix for SSDI

Republicans in Congress have been searching for a way to offer a legislative fix to Social Security and have proposed three plans to expand private disability insurance while curtailing Social Security Disability insurance. The Government Accountability Office has expressed skepticism about all three of the proposals. The GAO has pointed out that SSDI and private […]

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Understanding Social Security Benefits for Disabled Children

Low-income disabled children in Tennessee may be eligible to receive monthly social security disability benefits through the Supplemental Security Income program. If their parents’ income and their disabilities qualify, the children may continue to receive benefits until they reach age 18. At that time, they may apply for adult disability benefits. Children of disabled parents […]

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SSDI Is Not a Welfare Program

While some in Tennessee believe that Social Security disability insurance is a type of welfare program, recipients must have contributed to the fund for years to qualify for benefits. SSDI is an earned benefit that is available to people who develop disabling conditions that are so severe that they are no longer able to work. […]

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How Work Credits Work in SSDI Claims

Tennesseans who are disabled and who want to apply for Social Security disability benefits must have earned a qualifying number of work credits and meet other work requirements to be eligible. The Social Security Administration requires workers aged 31 and older to earn a minimum of 20 work credits in the 10 years preceding their […]

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Understanding the Difference Between SSI, SSDI and Social Security

Many people in Tennessee are confused about the differences between the Supplemental Security Income, Social Security Disability Income and Social Security retirement benefits programs. Each of these separate programs is designed to help different populations of people. While Social Security retirement benefits are available to people who have reached the retirement age and have built […]