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Understanding the Difference Between SSI, SSDI and Social Security

Many people in Tennessee are confused about the differences between the Supplemental Security Income, Social Security Disability Income and Social Security retirement benefits programs. Each of these separate programs is designed to help different populations of people. While Social Security retirement benefits are available to people who have reached the retirement age and have built […]

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How Serious is the SSDI Claims Backlog?

Due to the extensive Social Security Disability claims backlog, a significant number of individuals who qualify for benefits are not receiving the compensation and care they need to recover from their disabling injuries. There are currently over 1.1 million pending applications for SSDI benefits and the average wait time for processing is more than 600 […]

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Understanding SGA Criteria for Self-Employed Claimants

Self-employed individuals can collect SSDI benefits provided their economic activity falls within established guidelines. Members of the clergy, artists, farmers, and directors of non-profits often fall into this category. Moreover, SSA offers specialized assistance through the Plan to Achieve Self-Support (PASS) to those receiving SSDI benefits who wish to pursue self-employment rather than returning to […]

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Disability Benefits Help in More Ways than One

Millions of Americans rely on SSDI benefits to help meet their monthly needs and the advantages of becoming approved for Social Security Disability are many. The program provides consistent income so recipients can cover their monthly expenses, medical coverage that enables them to undergo required medical treatments, and vocational rehabilitation so they can pursue educational […]

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Thousands Are Dying to Get Approved for SSDI

In September 2017, the backlog of SSDI benefit applications exceeded 1 million and the estimated wait for benefits grew to more than 2 years. This severe backlog means that many applicants will die before their application is approved and benefits are distributed. In 2016, investigations by the Social Security inspector general showed that there were […]